Frequently Asked Questions

What is Insights By Experts?

  • Insights By Experts is an On-Demand African Expertise Platform where companies and investors can book one-on-one video chats with senior African experts across a range of countries, industries and disciplines.  This exclusive senior expert community has been carefully curated by Homecoming Revolution, the Executive Search Firm for Africa, established in 2003.

How does Insights By Experts work?

  • Find your expert by searching across the country, industry or discipline filters.  Then simply book a slot with the experts of your choice, pay upfront for your sessions and then receive instant zoom link meeting invites.

Who uses Insights By Experts?

  • Our Clients are senior professionals at global investment funds, management consultancies, multinationals, entrepreneurial businesses and non-profits.  They are significant decision-makers who need quick, on-the-ground knowledge of the African landscape.

Which Experts are available?

  • This exclusive pool of top African experts has been carefully curated by Homecoming Revolution, the Executive Search & Advisory Firm for Africa, established in 2003.  Their expertise ranges across most industries, countries and disciplines in Sub-Saharan Africa.  Our Expert Pool doubles every month and encompasses ex-C-suite executives, subject-matter experts, academics, social activists, public sector policy specialists and unique African business innovators. 

    However, should you not find the expert you require, then simply 
    Click Here to request specific expertise

How is Insights By Experts different?

  • Insights By Experts is the only expert network that is solely focused on Africa.  It is also the only platform that provides instant calendar access and transparent pricing.  

Why do I need Insights By Experts ?

  • If you’re a decision-maker for African expansion, then Insights By Experts will help you navigate this untapped continent of opportunity.   You’ll access relevant, up-to-date, actionable intelligence at the touch of a button.

Which Clients use Insights By Experts?

  • Our Clients are senior professionals at investment funds, management consultancies, multinationals and non-profits.  They are significant decision-makers who need quick, on-the-ground knowledge of the African landscape.

How do you select the Experts?

  • Scroll through a list of countries, industries or disciplines Click Here .    Once you’ve selected the experts you want, click on their calendar dates to secure your consultation slot.

What if I can’t find the Expert I need?

  • If you’re unable to find the expertise you need, drop us a line.  We’ll get back to you soon with a selection of experts to choose from. Request an Expert Click Here

As a Client, am I able to record the session?

  • Yes. However, this recording is for the use of your internal organisation and cannot be shared publicly.

What are the different packages on offer?

  • For hassle-free bookings, we offer different packages at a reduced rate. View our Expert Package Menu here

What if I’m not satisfied with my consultation?

  • Please rate your satisfaction levels in the post-consultation Feedback Form which will be sent to you after each consultation.  From there we will discuss the session to reach an agreeable outcome.


Do I need to pay anything to be featured on the platform?

  • No.   You set your dollar hourly rate which must include our 35% cut.

Can anybody be featured as an Expert?

  • This is an invite-only platform.  Each expert is hand-picked by Homecoming Revolution, The Executive Search & Advisory Firm for Africa.  

How will I know what the Client is expecting to hear from me?

  • A ”Client briefing form” will give you a clearer picture of the size/stage of their business and what their “business problem” is. This will be provided to you before the meeting. Please note, you are not expected to do any preparation work beforehand, it is only this one hour you are providing

What if my calendar changes and I'm not available?

  • Mail us and a member of our team will contact you to arrange a new time. In the short term we will be doing this manually, but soon you will have access to your own calendar which you can edit at any time.

What if the Clients want to chat again?

  • We will await Client instruction and then agree on a follow up session, package or project. If the conversation results in the Client wanting to contract you for a specific project, then we will charge the Client an introduction fee, and from there they can then interact with you directly.   We will always communicate this to you beforehand.  Please advise us immediately if the Client attempts to contact you directly without our introduction.

Can I suggest other Experts that I rate?

  • Yes please.  They will still have to go through the invitation-only screening process, but they will be pushed to the front of the queue. Please Mail Us their name, position and contact details.

What happens if I wish to stop being an expert on the platform when my circumstances change?

  • Please notify us immediately here Mail Us  You will need to complete all pre-booked sessions beforehand.

If I consult with a Client through Insights By Experts, can I reach out directly to that client for additional work?

  • No. If Insights By Experts  introduces you to one of our Clients, you agree not to reach out directly to that client without our specific introduction.   

Will I get paid less if the client uses less time than the booked one hour slot?

  • Yes, you will be paid for the full hour.

What should I do if after reading the client brief, I realise I am not in a position to provide the insights requested.

  • Please email us here Mail Us and a member of our team will liaise with you directly on resolving the matter

What preparations should I make for a smooth-running meeting?

  • Show up a few minutes early.
  • Find a quiet, private, well-lit place, free from possible interruptions.
  • Dress professionally and avoid bright colours.
  • Have a pen and notepad ready to jot down questions / thoughts.
  • Place your phone in silent mode.
  • Look into the camera.
  • Ensure your internet connection is stable.
  • Check that your computer’s audio is working.
  • Test your computer’s webcam.
  • Close any unnecessary web browser tabs and applications.
  • Try to use the video camera throughout the meeting, but if the connection is bad, switch to audio only.
  • Don’t eat during the meeting.
  • When listening, nod and smile to show you are engaged.
  • Use hand gestures when appropriate.
  • The host (you) should be the last one to leave.


              How do I define my timeslots for Client reservation?

              • As part of your on-boarding process with Insights By Experts, we’ll ask you to suggest a few regular hourly slots per week.
              • We’ll then manually load those slots into your Insights By Experts profile calendar.
              • This will make it easy for the client to book you.
              • Should you be unable to do that slot, don’t worry, we will easily change it for you.

              How do I ensure that my Time Zone is aligned with the Clients’?

              • Our advanced calendar booking system provides the times in the Users applicable time zone through by picking up the Users’ geographic location

              What if my pre-defined calendar time slots have to be changed due to my non-availability?

              • Please email us  Here!  and our team will assist you in changing the booking time.

              How will I know if a Client has reserved time with me?

              • You will receive a Client reservation email confirmation from us which will include Client details, a session briefing from the Client, the timing of the session and the link to the Video conferencing.
              • You will also be sent a reminder of your session 24 hours prior to the consultation

              How do I reschedule an existing reservation from a Client?

              • Please  Mail Us and our team will help  re-schedule the session between the Client and yourself based on your availability.

              How do I cancel an existing reservation from a Client?

              • Please Mail our team  Here !  and our team will cancel the session between the Client and yourself.
              • To ensure superior Client service, please notify our team well in advance of the intended cancellation

              How do I host the video conferencing call with the Client?

              • We will send you a reservation confirmation email that will include the link to the video conferencing call. The same link will be sent to the Client. By default, you will be the host of the meeting.

              What if I experience technical issues prior or during the video conferencing call?

              • Please contact us Here !   and our team who will assist you in resolving any technical issues.
              • Please include a detailed description of the technical issue and a screenshot of the issue where available. The greater the detail provided, the quicker our technical team will be able to resolve the technical issue.
              • We will not be able to assist you with technical issues that are out of our control such as your internet connectivity or speed and hardware issues

              Am I able to record the session?

              • Yes. However, you will need to obtain explicit permission from the Client in the session so that it is available on the recording.
              • Please follow the required guidelines around protecting sensitive data which are aligned to industry best practices such as POPI.

              Technical Support

              How do I raise queries about the website and other operational matters?

              What if I want to change the time booked?

              • Please send an email Here ! and a member of our team will get back to you right away to assist in scheduling a different time slot.

              What if I have a query about payments?

              • Please send an email Here !  and a member of our team will get back to you right away to solve your payment queries.